Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 bonus: craigslist's Achilles' heel

... or why continuing to operate on a shoestring while a large number of illegal ads are on the site is such a bad idea:

-- like any other business on the web, craigslist is legally required to remove illegal postings from their site (once they are brought to their attention)

-- so nothing would stop interest groups (like the fair housing one, for instance) from gathering a huge number of illegal postings, sending the info in to the severely understaffed "craigslist customer service team" (and keeping good records of it) and waiting whatever the reasonable time for removal would be... THEN filing a lawsuit! (on the basis that craigslist didn't remove the illegal postings within a reasonable time of being made aware of them)



Val said...

>>I'd like to see a law that prevents a company from starting as a NON-PROFIT, garnering huge support as such (donations, expertise, word of mouth etc.) and THEN turning for profit.....

why judge the company or the business taking advantage of the current low? Judge the low...
there are some moral issues, agreed but in my book if the promises Craig made to the community to keep CL as a free service for the community the community shall participate to clear the unwanted content from CL.

D. said...

Hi, Val! Welcome to my blog!

OK… let’s set aside the moral issues you agree with.

So, what exactly did Craig promise (as far as you understand)?