Friday, January 26, 2007

(non-profit times) so what were those volunteers doing?

EVEN MORE: on the NYU iBreakfast speech and Q&A


There are so many ambiguities crammed in that speech and Q&A, if you know what to listen for…

But if you believe Craig is just a nice guy and he just *happens* to be inconsistent (because he’s not all that bright or something…), I think you are missing a whole lot about craigslist!

But you are definitely not alone, if that’s any consolation…


P.S. anyways, take care! D.

MORE: even more telling... once you actually look at the "opportunities" it becomes apparent that ... pages on the site and recommendations from Craig or Nancy was ALL these "employees" were getting for compensation... (click on "BUSINESS" for instance, but it's the same for all of them; something odd: different browsers seem to bring up different pages when you click on the links I asked you to click on -- Explorer brings up the original craiglist page, the one I wanted you to see, here's the begining (but Firefox, for instance, brings up a page of the List Foundation, which ended-up being Nancy Melone's company):

"Comb the Internet for BUSINESS sites in High Technology, biotechnology, Banking, Internet, Telecommunications, Investment Banking, Brokerage, E-Commerce, Film, Entertainment, Digital Production, Transportation Medicine, Academics, as well as, schools, secondary training centers. Your searches will take you to the following metropolitan areas on the Internet: San Francisco, San Jose, LA, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Boston, Raleigh Research Triangle, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and any other interesting sites you uncover in your searches."

they were drumming up business! (on top of helping build the site's architecture, PR and promotion)

notice they were NOT asking for volunteers... (shouldn't they have called them what they were given that the "typical compensation" was pages on the Foundation website and recommendations from Craig or Nancy?) ... but for employees! (they were telling people to send their info to Nancy to become "an employee" and asking them to "come work for the Foundation!)

I find that disingenuous in a Craig sort of way (slippery ambiguous) -- there is plenty of this stuff in that NYU iBreakfast speech... (just listen...)


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