Thursday, January 11, 2007



inspiration for "people$list" was the "craig$" article in the SFWeekly

comment on Dan Gillmor's blog:

“What’s unclear is whether we’ll see a business model developed where willing buyers and sellers have equivalent information, if not power, in an aggregate sense. I don’t know.”


I think it’s quite possible! I actually suggested something like this to Craig (at a time when I wasn’t doubting his motives much): it had to do with craigslist acting as a neutral intermediary (not charging anything) between scraping sites and willing ad posters (that would give individual permission for particular ads to be posted on the scraping sites), with the aggregate money from the scraping sites going towards meeting common needs of ad posters (improvements etc., whatever they collectively agreed that money should be spent on).


P.S. I have a hunch somebody will start a “people$list” at some point (an all the way non-profit that would provide the function of craigslist and much more); I believe it would be a great set-up for the kind of things you seem to be talking about. D.

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