Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jim Buckmaster blasts poor Brad Stone of NYT

MORE: KATHARINE MIESZKOWSKI Nonprofit to Craigslist: Keep Your Money ( yep! that's what I thought... ( 10:12 PM May 2nd via web


NYT's Brad Stone dares look at it from both sides *for once*&Jim Buckmaster blasts him for it -prior suck-ups forgotten 17 minutes ago via web

ok, Jim! so the prostitution $ doesn't go in the Craigslist Charitable Fund or *does* it? -grantees would need to know 12 minutes ago via web

..does Jim Buckmaster think people are going to believe that craigslist is making that kind of $ from barely legal massage ads and the like? 10 minutes ago via web

or that the fact that others are doing it also is a legitimate excuse? he would do well to remember the CL feedback speeding ticket analogy 3 minutes ago via web

Monday, April 26, 2010

yet again, is craigslist facilitating prostitution?


MORE: Twitter yet again, is craigslist facilitating prostitution? let me know what you think! ~Delia 7:09 PM Apr 26th via web

also are Craig Newmark & Jim Buckmaster profiting from prostitution although they vowed not to keep the money? certainly looks like it! ~D. 7:15 PM Apr 26th via web

again, NYT's Brad Stone comes up with a "friendly"-towards-craigslist title "Sex Ads Seen Adding Revenue to Craigslist" -- really, now? that's a fair characterization of the issue? *lol* still, with some exceptions(e.g. the number of places where craigslist is charging has been creeping up for a long time -- you *have to* say that so people can understand what's going on) he somehow manages to give a fairly balanced account. But the ending paragraph is just bizarre... looks like he just has to compliment Craig& Jim somehow and just doesn't care that it's awkward at best...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

trolls or "truth fighters"?


Stowe, (11th comment)

It was a short comment -- that's all I had time for. I really thought the first paragraph made my point (the P.S. was just meant to give a case very in point of just how doubtful it is that a system of figuring out trustworthiness would succeed in practice). And I didn't say true trolls should be tolerated, just that the *focus* should be on getting useful comments. As far as I'm concerned somebody who has serious trust issues of his own has no standing preaching to people about trust. And I don't see how pointing out serious documented concerns (I gave the direct links so people can see what I'm talking about) could constitute personal attack. You should always be able to point-out the truth -- how could anybody feel attacked by it, unless they are hiding from it...


P.S. I gotta go... will check tonight (Eastern time) if you'd like to continue this -- take care! D.

MORE: Twitter: @ stoweboyd trolls or "truth fighters"? re: Craig Newmark: Who do you trust? your blog -couple of issues, left comment less than 20 seconds ago via web


The real problem is that just as somebody's "terrorist" often turns out to be a freedom fighter, "truth fighters" online are often labeled as trolls. I think the worry is misplaced. People should be preoccupied with getting as many useful comments as possible, rather than making sure there is no barking going on... At best, comments are pointing out fundamental flaws and truly helping out the author (if the pursuit of truth is really the ultimate objective) and at worst they are just barks that are bound to die down relatively quickly.


P.S. I seriously doubt a technological way of figuring out trustworthiness would really work in practice. I think it's telling that somebody like Craig Newmark has no problem complaining about trust issues and being taken seriously, especially in the wake of the ebay v. craigslist suit. It's hard to see how he did not abuse craigslisters' trust by having them believe he did not financially benefit from the ebay deal (to the tune of about $10 million, as it turns out) or when he vowed ebay didn't get more than 25% of craigslist.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(aside) Arriana Huffington wants nothing controversial

MORE: twitter: @geekguidebook ( re: Huffington bad idea to lump vile comments together with merely controversial ones @ariannahuff ~D. 2 minutes ago via web in reply to geekguidebook

(comic, prior) Huffington: “There is a younger generation that doesn’t feel the same need for privacy” --> hopefully, they'll grow up! :) D. 3 minutes ago via web

Hi, Jeff!


What's the point of putting the info out there if you are going to lump vile comments together with merely controversial ones, the way Arriana Huffington does (quote in your article). If there is nothing controversial about what you are writing, it's most likely a boring article and thus a poor choice in the first place...


P.S. (comic) re: Huffington: “There is a younger generation that doesn’t feel the same need for privacy” --> hopefully, they'll grow up! :) D.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

(aside) (iPhone; iPad etc.) Dan Gillmor praises Jonathan Zittrain

FINAL: #comment 1851

as usual, Seth's voice would have balanced this entry but you appear to have driven him away... Jon left much earlier and I will be on my way also... bye!


P.S. submitted a comment to your iPhone entry (#1821)-- appears to be counted but not posted (no big deal, I would have left anyways) D.

EVEN MORE: Twitter (aside) (iPhone; iPad etc.) Dan Gillmor praises Zittrain, apparently without noticing the contradiction ( any opinions? 2 minutes ago via web

MORE: not sure if I did something wrong when trying to post it... will see..

...apparently without noticing the contradiction



re: "The iPhone, locked down from the beginning, started Apple down a road I cannot support"

and... neither do you have one as your own cellphone... good! I can believe that what you are saying is what you actually believe.. which is the 1st step in being taken seriously -- not the case with Jonathan Zittrain who uses an iPhone *himself* but would have us all believe... *we* shouldn't!


speak now or forever hold your ... thoughts!

MORE: Twitter: getting terribly bored waiting for a resolution to the ebay v. craigslist suit, which should really be the end of my trying to figure it out 6:11 PM Apr 10th via web
I don't expect to be doing this much longer -- can't believe it's been dragging on for this long so if you'd like to have some of your own thoughts about this on this blog, whoever you might be, you may want to hurry up and let me know!(please email instead of posting comments) 'cause when it's's done! (there is a chinese guy--or gal?-- that's still trying to get some comments on my numanuma blog (thenumanumathing), *years* after I closed it... ~Delia

Thursday, April 8, 2010

(aside) zittrain's doom & gloom technique still working for him...

EVEN MORE: (aside) (comic) "We should focus on preserving our freedoms" but NOT by stopping to use these offending devices, just by whining about them! less than 20 seconds ago via web

MORE: I was going to leave a comment for Nick Carr but he makes people register to do that... nope! I'm not going to do that -- unnecessary hassle given that commenters are basically doing a favor by going to the trouble of posting comments....

will see if he gets it by twitter

(aside) @roughtype (Nick carr) @zittrain's (Jonathan Zittrain) doom & gloom technique still working for him... ( ~Delia half a minute ago via web


zittrain's "the sky is falling" arguments re: everything "i" (iPhone, iPad etc.) would be much easier to take seriously if it did not appear that he doesn't really buy his own arguments (e.g. by his own acknowledgment, uses an iPhone himself).


p.s. seems to continue Lessig's doom & gloom technique, mostly for attention grabbing purposes... D.