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(trafficking in women) real life protests against craigslist start


MORE: protest against craigslist certainly made an impact! Craig&Co painted over the "craigslist" sign...was that in shame? (http://bit.ly/9NWLoE) about 15 hours ago via web

STILL MORE: misguided anti-protest against craigslist; twitter: sorry but the safe thing to do is get *out* of this business! you should be able to get help but NOT to keep doing it...http://bit.ly/9V1BAk 3 minutes ago via web

EVEN MORE: twitter: (trafficking in women) finally! major news outlet coverage: CBS5/ BCN(http://bit.ly/ahVtQF) Protesters Slam Craigslist's 'Adult Services'~D. 7 minutes ago


UPDATE:(trafficking in women) real life protest against craigslist garners even more support -- Congresswoman Jackie Speier among them

twitter: (trafficking in women) real life protest against craigslist garners even more support;e.g.Congresswoman Jackie Speier (http://bit.ly/ahVtQF) less than 20 seconds ago via web

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Subject: Re: Leading Human Rights Groups To Protest Craigslist HQ's on 7/08/10: For Immediate Release


July 1, 2010


NORMA RAMOS, Esq., (212) 643-9895 and MELISSA FARLEY, Ph.D., (415) 922-4555
On July 8, 2010 at noon the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) and our over 75 Co-Sponsors will protest Craigslist's facilitation of sex trafficking at Craigslist’s office, 1381 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122.

A large portion of Craigslist’s profits come from the sale of commercial sexual exploitation, much of it trafficked, all of it prostituted. Craigslist normalizes and facilitates online pimping - providing an outlet and incentive, for sex traffickers to reach buyers of human beings. “By providing traffickers and johns with a virtual red light district, Craigslist is aiding, abetting and enormously profiting from sex trafficking,” says Norma Ramos, Executive Director of CATW.

Our protest is co-sponsored by 75 leading human rights and anti-trafficking organizations and prominent individuals including Equality Now, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT-USA), Center for World Indigenous Studies, Soroptimists International of the Americas, Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence, Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, and Gloria Steinem, author Victor Malarek, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

Sex trafficking is fueled by the demand for prostitution along with impunity for its buyers. According to Melissa Farley, author of 20 research articles on trafficking for prostitution, “Today, a majority of men buy sex online from women or children many of whom are trafficked or controlled by third parties. Craigslist mainstreams prostitution as ‘Adult Services’. This protest exposes these ads for what they really are: the sale of sexual exploitation, paid rape, child abuse, and trafficking.”

Craigslist has defied and defeated the efforts of Attorneys General, a high profile lawsuit and members of Congress who have tried to put an end to their facilitation of sex trafficking. Despite evidence of criminal activity associated with its website, Craigslist remains above the law. “We are sending a message to Craigslist from the human rights community that by hosting these ads they are partially responsible for much of the rank exploitation that is human trafficking,” says Ms. Ramos.

We are calling upon Craigslist to close the euphemistically named “Adult Services” section of their website, set a sex industry-free standard which would help to eliminate human trafficking on the internet.

Speakers include: Joy Friedman, Breaking Free; Glenda Hope, Executive Director, SafeHouse San Francisco for Homeless Women Escaping Prostitution; Victor Malarek, Author/Activist; Aaron Cohen, Author/Activist; Terria Joseph, Actor.

For a complete list of the 75 Co-Sponsors who have joined CATW and PRE visit our websites at www.catwinternational.org and www.prostitutionresearch.com

EVEN MORE: twitter: (trafficking in women) real life protests against craigslist start (http://bit.ly/ahVtQF) Gloria Steinem, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney ~D. 1 minute ago via web

MORE: there have already been some online (on social sites, such as twitter) but this is the first one in person that I'm aware of... hopefully it will make some serious impact and, unless craigslist truly changes, it will not be the last! ~Delia

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Dear D,

Below and attached you will find an announcement regarding a protest the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is organizing in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) in front of Craigslist’s headquarters in San Francisco. Crrently, the protest is co-sponsored by 66 leading anti-trafficking organizations and prominent individuals including Gloria Steinem, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and author Victor Malarek.

I thought you may find it interesting given your blog, Craigslist Criticism. Feel free to post our announcement on your blog as well. Best, Elaine

Elaine L. Afanador

Executive Assistant

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

P (212) 643-9895

F (212) 643-9896


Join Us On Thursday, July 8,2010

To Protest Craigslist at their San Francisco Headquarters

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) in partnership with Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) and other co-sponsors will be holding a protest in front of Craigslist Headquarters in San Francisco on July 8th to bring attention to Craigslist’s facilitation of and profiting from sex trafficking. “Craigslist continues to cynically profit by functioning as an online pimp,” says Norma Ramos, Executive Director of CATW. “Craigslist is the new stroll where pimps traffic, johns buy and Craigslist profits,” says Melissa Farley, Executive Director, PRE.

Craigslist is projected to realize a 22% increase in revenue - an estimated $36 million in 2010 - largely attributable to its functioning as a virtual red light district for pimps/traffickers and johns. Craigslist displays a reckless disregard for human rights by increasingly becoming a part of the sex industry. Craigslist could act to create a sex trafficking free internet by no longer hosting prostitution ads and thereby setting an industry standard.

We invite you to join CATW, PRE and our co-sponsors who include: Gloria Steinem, Breaking Free,Equality Now, A Call to Men, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT-USA), and many others at our protest to hold Craigslist accountable for facilitating and profiting from the rank exploitation of others.

Speakers Include:

Joy Friedman, Women’s Program Manager, Breaking Free
* Glenda Hope, Executive Director, SafeHouse San Francisco for Homeless Women Escaping Prostitution
* Victor Malarek, Author/Activist, The Natashas and The Johns
* Aaron Cohen, Author/Activist, Slave Hunter
* Terria Joseph, Actor
When: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where: Craigslist Headquarters

1381 9th Avenue (Between Judah and Irving Streets)

San Francisco, CA 94122

Time: 12:00 – 2:00 PM

Co-Sponsors Include: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Center for World Indigenous Studies (Mexico/USA), Men Stopping Violence, Dayton Human Trafficking Accords, UNANIMA International, Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (Canada), The Temple Committee Against Human Trafficking (Canada), The Barnaba Institute, Global Centurion, National Organization For Women - NYC (NOW-NYC), Kathleen Barry, Robin Morgan, Embrace Dignity Campaign (South Africa), The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, Stop Porn Culture, Media Watch, Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, Girl Fest Hawaii, Public Good Project, Children’s Civil Rights Union, California Survivors of Craigslist Trafficking, Chab Dai USA, Veronica’s Voice, Women’s Justice Center, LOOKBOTHWAYS, California Against Slavery, A Girl Like Me Campaign, Nomi Network, Women’s Global Resource and Development Initiative, Minorities and Survivors Improving Empowerment (MASIE), Live2Free, Lydia Today Foundation, Love146, Nevada Coalition Against Sexual Violence, Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking, National Dominican Women's Caucus, Because Justice Matters, New York League of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. (NYLPRW), Soroptimist International of the Americas, Women's Support Project (Scotland), Revolt: Fight To End The Commercial Sex Trade, Exploited Voices now Educating (EVE), My Sisters's Place, Inc (Canada), What If It Were Your Daughter/Silver Braid, Sex Industry Survivors, REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity) (Canada), Apne Aap (India), Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution, Bamboo Bridges, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter (Canada), Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres, Council for Prostitution Alternatives, Abolish Slavery, Mrs. Gingerbread Inc., Technorazzi.com, Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), Feministiskt Initiativ (Sweden), Raise The Bar Productions, EAVES (UK), TFK Ventures, LLC., Setting the Captives Free Ministries (Canada)…

* Please help get the word out by e-mailing this notice to your contact list.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

(comic & sad) Jim Buckmaster wants to shut up researchers

twitter: underage -Schaphiro group publishes results of study that *dare* put craigslist in a bad lighthttp://bit.ly/bOdp9I Jim Buckmaster is pissed! 7 minutes ago via web

... if they find out anything that puts craigslist in a bad light? can he truly be that dense...? apparently, so -- he wants them to *cease and desist!* using craigslist's name when presenting the results of the under age prostitution research they did on a number of sites including craigslist

thankfully, the Schaphiro group didn't give in to craigslist's bullying and published results of the study that *dare* put craigslist in a bad light: "Craigslist is by far the most efficient medium for Johns"

Friday, June 4, 2010

meaninglessly high search numbers for craigslist

EVEN MORE: twitter

@jzawodn jeremy, was there something you wanted to say or... should I take it as no comment? ~Delia re: (http://bit.ly/90Sfz8) about 11 hours ago via web

@jzawodn re: http://bit.ly/dlxigZ Jeremy, you asked me to expand on what I had originally wrote in that entry and that's what I did (MORE).. 15 minutes ago via web

@jzawodn re: http://bit.ly/dlxigZ the main paragraph did nothing but fully explain what I had already written (MORE)... 14 minutes ago via web

@jzawodn re: http://bit.ly/dlxigZ Jim' s entry on the craigslistblog was what prompted the whole issue so I felt I had to address it... MORE 14 minutes ago via web

@jzawodn re: http://bit.ly/dlxigZ I did not necessarily expect you to address what Jim said, although it is definitely related; no big deal! 15 minutes ago via web

twitter: (craigslist search) discussion with craigslist's Jeremy Zawodny --craigslist criticism blog (http://bit.ly/90Sfz8) feel free to join! ~Delia half a minute ago via web

MORE: email exchanges published with the permission of craigslist' Jeremy Zawodny

As far as I can see, a comparison of search providers based on the number of search inquiries only makes sense if search efficiency is comparable. I don't believe that is the case: craigslist search is much more inefficient than google search, for instance, even when just searching craigslist -- because there are much fewer parameters available for the craigslist search when compared with google advanced search (you can't search in more than one location, for instance, even if you'd be willing to drive well outside of your own city and plenty of people do), one needs to perform a lot more search inquiries to get the same information that could be obtained through just one search using google. And plenty of information that google easily gives through a single inquiry could never be obtained by using craigslist search.

My suspicion has been that craigslist keeps its search (and the rest of the site) antiquated, barely changing things, at least in part because it makes the numbers look better, it looks like there is a lot more activity on the site and in fact there is, it's just that it is meaningless activity... frustrated people spending way more time on getting things done than they would really need to be spending.


P.S. also, I have no idea where Jim Buckmaster got his numbers and have no way of checking as long as he gives no references, the march 2010 report he refers to looks very different than his numbers... I find it strange that he gives no link to the source:

I also find it deceiving that he claims Comscore has ranked craigslist number 5 when, apparently, it has done nothing of the kind -- the designation is really Jim's... re: "Here are the top 5 search providers, as ranked by Comscore for March 2010" D.

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On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 04:27:13PM -0400, dperiod wrote:

re: Can you expand on that a bit? Or email me: jzawodn@craigslist.org



sure... is it ok to post our email exchanges in the body of my blog entry you commented on? ~Delia

(http://blog.craigslist.org/2010/05/mere-happenstance/#comment-163874) twitter

Jeremy: my impression is that there is a whole lot of useless searching on craigslist (which meaninglessly bumps up the numbers) because the search function continues to be archaic and inefficient (apparently on purpose)


Peninsula Congresswoman Jackie Speier, local bay area politician, moved to action

STILL MORE: craigslist grantees seem to be "paying back"; the issue is facilitation -is there MORE crime as a result of craigslist?http://bit.ly/dpyQmG 9 minutes ago via web

EVEN MORE: (twitter) sounds a lot like the advice I gave Jim --good to see it is taken seriously, especially since for Jim it appears to have fallen on deaf ears 19 minutes ago via web

MORE: "Jackie Speier is also asking the House Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on how Web sites like Craigslist are being used to facilitate criminal activity."(2nd paragraph) twitter

"Peninsula Congresswoman Jackie Speier [will] ask U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello to help San Francisco’s Craigslist avoid the facilitation of prostitution and human trafficking'.(lasty paragraph) twitter