Monday, January 8, 2007

(more comments on) New York Times article


All right! looks like the party's over... (or was this the after party?) I had the odd feeling of being the host there... (maybe not odd, just unusual). I should probably thank the people at The New York Times -- sorry to have doubted you, guys!:)

Never underestimate serendipity! I got so much stuff down this way... The prospective of having set down and stared at the screen and described all this (seemingly talking to myself) would have been soooo boring! The info conveyed may have been the same but this was so much more fun!

Craig&Jim calling themselves "dinosaurs that don't want to be leashed"? *lol* that one took the cake! with my having gotten a craigslist date with a mouse instead of Orlando Bloom a close second (the thing is: I don't find Orlando Bloom attractive, so... it may not have made that much of a difference...)




My "deal" is not with Craig, exactly... although he *does* appear to read my comments -- it is only with him in the general context of craigslist and in the particular context of possible deceit.

I believe that if he has been/ is deceiving people in order to achieve his capitalist ends (as a poster seemed to suggest on Dan Gillmor's blog) he should be stopped...

The fact that so many people love craigslist (believing it is a decent non-deceitful company), just makes the situation sadder...


P.S. As to did I *personally* have a "bad experience" with craigslist... no! (this is not what this is about); this should also answer your intended post for my craigslist criticism blog (let me know if it doesn't...)


I'm doing well, thank you:)... Well... I'm suggesting we ignore instincts and look at the facts... (there is plenty on this in my prior comments to this article).


P.S. As to "receiving a direct reply from a big wig," that seems (to me) to be a cheap way to gain huge popularity... He may just enjoy doing that, of course, (and they are not mutually exclusive)... doesn't change *the facts* of the matter, though.... D.

Hi Diane!

Yeah... that's a good way to put it: "I don't *see* [my emphasis] where they are pigs at this point."

How do we know how greedy (or not) they are if they refuse to disclose their profits?


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