Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Craig giving money to all the right people?

"The result is an important win for online forums like craigslist, who would be unable to provide online housing ads without this protection."

What is EFF smoking? the *ads* in case were NOT in the forums section -- they were in the *ad section*! what kind of "discourse" could possibly need protection in this area? Wouldn't EFF better serve its mission by defending legitimate free speech issues?

As to craigslist not being able to provide housing ads without having them be protected as though they were political speeches...what??? craigslist could comply with the Fair Housing Law just as the newspapers do (publishers make sure particular phrases do not appear in ads -- developing a program that identifies those phrases, no big deal, would solve the problem...)


P.S. And yes... Craig has been giving them money for a long time... D.

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