Wednesday, December 26, 2007

comic relief: Craig Claus and the wide eyed journalists...

I get the impression Craig is taking them on his lap and feeds them the fairy tale...


P.S. ... when the truth is probably much closer to this... D.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Craig's props: the pocketprotector

(1:30) Craig: "This is a pocket protector and that may speak volumes..." --> Indeed! I does... speak volumes... D.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

craigscrimelist: not bad but not too good, either...:)

very little in terms of commentary (anyone can get "the facts"; well, whatever the media presents as facts... by doing a search, so unless there is good commentary to go with it or at least a selection according to a particular criteria... I'm not going to be too impressed:)... still, not bad... D.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moshe's List: can the craigslist trick be pulled *twice*?

it would be a sad reflection on humanity...

Yonatan Shirokov, aka. Moshe, via The Jewish Advocate Online; 2nd paragraph, 20th line : “This is a non-commercial project, and I’m not in it for money" (as long as we don't make any...--> my take on it)--> now where did we hear this before?...


P.S. and the name for his acknowledged Craig "inspired" I-just-want-to-help-out...?! [my emphasis]

P.P.S. interesting twist: he is asking for donations... (top of main page),while in the same time soliciting investors... (under the Privacy Policy??? third sentance) --> I would think this spells out the ultimate goal provided people read the Privacy Policy...

Much less smooth than Craig... although they both made the "dot com" give away of intention mistake, as far as I can tell... Craig appears to have realised that and is redirecting the trafic from to (which appears to have remained an unregulated denomination -- who knew it would stay this way for over a decade?) D.

Friday, December 7, 2007

You *too*, Om Malik?

Oh, Om...

You are definitely one of the people I would think would have no trouble seeing right through Craig's BS (you *know* lack of resources is NOT one of craigslist's problems... and pretty much everything he says is on shaky ground). So why go along with this? Why be a part of this ridiculous PR? I would have thought a lot more of you if you *wouldn't* have had...


P.S. anyways, take care! D.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Craig:"there is nothing altruistic about craigslist"

like it's hard to tell, now... -- you should have said so upfront! (those poor volunteers and sponsors and just trusting people that helped out with word of mouth and everything else would have had no reason to be altruistic towards you/craigslist, either... they just had no clue you would walk away with untold millions for years while denying the community that build craigslist basic things like customer service and improvements...) D.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Craig's press keeps going strong...

(just mindlessly print what Craig says without looking into it ... if he says so himself, why bother checking!)

Craig, via Kron 4 : (2.44) "Craigslist (...) is only interested in politics as far as fighting online crime" [my emphasis]


P.S. just check out how much crime is going on on the site and what is craigslist actually doing about it? shouldn't this be required research, Brian? -- how can you just let Craig speak in your interview as thought it was his own press release? D.