Monday, September 24, 2007

Jim *is* smiling, Lucy...

he just won't let you see it: he is keeping the expenses ridiculously low (this means denying the community that made craigslist what it is basic things like customer service -- most users in need of help just can't get it... while the money is sitting in the bank accounts? (17th paragraph)... whose bank accounts? Jim&Craig's of course...

the result of keeping expenses very low is huge net profits that end-up in the shareholders' pockets because Craig switched to for profit in 1999 -- if that's NOT pocketing the money, I don't know what is...


P.S. and they have the nerve to talk about customer service, philanthropic mindset and all that -- bullshit of the century... D.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

current profits

MORE: craigslist to charge in Chicago, Orange county, CA, Portland and Sacramento (they are just proposing the fee? yeah, right... just see what happened in the case of previous "proposals"...) D.

Hi, Matthew!

Your $50 million estimate seems to be pretty old (craigslist has added a bunch of cities to the "pay list" and keeps doing it in a rapid succession -- that has to dramatically boost profits since they are not using the extra money for things like customer service or improvement (although the profits are getting to be ridiculously large -- given the claim to be "non-commercial" -- craigslist remains severely understaffed and severely underdeveloped).


Monday, September 10, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(prostitution, drugs etc.) is craigslist an accomplice?

looks like it might be... (when it comes to federal law -- 3rd paragraph)


P.S. Craig seems to be dizzy again: on his blog, he is talking about his trivial profile in the Wall Street Journal instead of mentioning the very serious article on craigslist prostitution in The New York Times...? D.

(prostitution) craigslist "helping out"...

MORE: College Call Girl, The Price (4th paragraph) : "I want to be very clear that I recommend this lifestyle for no one. It is easy enough to cross the line because the line is invisible. Much harder still to go back, to return to a time when you shared no piece of yourself with strange men, men you don’t like, even men who don’t like you. I detached myself completely from the work I was doing and felt that I was getting off scot-free with minimal psychological impact. I was having fun at first; I felt beautiful and confident and adored and I was financially secure for the first time ever. But those nights found their way underneath my skin. They just burrowed down deep under the folds of my subconscious like a rat nestled at the bottom of a shopping bag."
Jossip: "Would you have gotten into prostitution without Craigslist?"
College Call Girl: No chance
(2nd question)