Monday, January 1, 2007

Nancy Melone...

(listed as CEO on the craigslist site up to April 1999) one interesting piece of the puzzle!

just listen... it’s September 1999

"Metrovox is the creator of the new ListFoundation site, which Melone says is also trying to build grassroots success by letting visitors post classified-like advertisements from major cities around the country. The difference is that by October, Metrovox will charge companies from $25 to $40 to post job openings for a month, dedicating part of the profits to charity."

Well... doesn't that sound a lot more "philanthropic" than craigslist ended-up being? At the time, the press presented her as "the bad guy" yet craigslist ended-up being a lot more for profit than Nancy ever intended! -- isn't it odd that the press doesn't seem to mind that?


P.S. Nancy didn't seem to understand that you CAN’T charge for a good long while (if you want to have significant growth); Craig never had any trouble grasping that (he pretty much spells it out in a couple of the interviews) --*could* be because he planned it all along

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