Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what's "erotic services" for?

"The category, according to a craigslist spokeswoman, was created for legal escort services and sensual massage providers."

well... the volunteers in the feedback forum (some permanent fixtures that seem to have been there forever) have a different story: it was meant to siphon the erotic stuff (aka "garbage") in one area... -- and no, they definitely don't seem to be talking about "legal escort services and sensual massage providers"...


P.S. let me know if you have a more direct quote (Craig/Jim/Susan) from a while back: I think it should be around but haven't been able to quickly find it... let me know if you have it! thanks!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it outrageous that it's 2007, and society is still trying to stamp out the "world's oldest profession" by criminalizing adults who are doing nothing more than engaging in consensual acts with other adults? You'd think that government would have more important things to be using time, money and resources on than persecuting prostitutes and their clients to please the shrinking number of bigots who still want to treat them as second-class citizens.

D. said...

Hi Anonymous!

I suggest you do some research and find out what is *really* going on as far as prostitution is concerned, especially just how “consensual” it is on the side of the women who are caught up in this and see no way out.

The vast majority of women involved in this are victims of some sort so I agree that the society should be lenient towards *them*. But NOT towards the “Johns”… (who are just taking advantage of a bad situation and without whom the harm against the women could be perpetrated). And definitely NOT towards the pimps… (anybody who directly or indirectly profits from it)

And no… I’m not going to ask you which one *you* are? :)


D. said...

re: "without whom the harm against the women could be perpetrated"

should read: ""without whom the harm against the women could NOT be perpetrated"...


P.S. I really need a secretary:)... D.