Sunday, December 27, 2009

(aside) Dan Gillmor's upcoming book: mediactive


I only took a quick look at it and at this point I only have one general piece of advice: I'd skip the politics! mainly because it's going to guarantee losing plenty of readers that would, otherwise, find your book useful.

Maybe write a different book on that?

Also, I see no good reason for excluding readers basically based on religion (re: Who is This Project Not For?) -- yeah, you'd expect logical people to find that evolution is a much more likely explanation for how we got here but that doesn't stop one of the major players in deciphering the human genome, for instance, from being a devout Christian. No need to be bringing that up, really (people have very strong private feelings about it whether it makes sense or not and would probably take offense).

The only traditionally verboten subject for public conversation you missed is sex. Although, you could have worked it in as a joke: "this book is not for prudes! and don't you dare read it..." :)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ebay v. craigslist: Newmark and Buckmaster asked ebay to keep the "essentially extorsion" secret

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@agaricus Gary, I hope you are at least casually following the ebay v. craigslist lawsuit -- it's just priceless!:) ~Delia about 1 hour ago from web in reply to agaricus
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(ebay v. craigslist) links to Craig Newmark assuring craigslisters ebay only got 25% and none of his equity was sold ( 12 minutes ago from web


@craigoodle *lots* of people should be finding the info about craigslist finally disclosed to the public VERY interesting to say the least:) less than 20 seconds ago from web in reply to craigoodle
"Price said Newmark and Buckmaster asked that their payment be kept quiet to prevent the altruistic public image of the company from being tarnished. He said he viewed the payment as "essentially extortion." (3rd paragraph)

looks like my hunch at the time was correct

these 2 link are priceless!

#1 Craig assuring craigslisters ebay only had 25%
#2 Craig denying that *any* of his equity was sold

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more truth comes out: craigslist representative had told ebay that Newmark and Buckmaster "may have been looking for a way to cash out" -- say *what?*

MORE: twitter: ebay v. craigslist: truth comes out: Newmark and Buckmaster "may have been looking for a way to cash out"-- say *what?* 3 minutes ago from web
"EBay Deputy General Counsel Brian Levey, who helped handle eBay's purchase of a 28% stake in Craigslist in 2004, said in Delaware Chancery Court Tuesday that a representative for Craigslist shareholders mentioned that the company may be interested in finding equity financing, and that the two remaining shareholders, Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster may have been looking for a way to "cash out." (2nd paragraph)


Monday, December 7, 2009

craigslist: the ebay deal -- finally the truth gets out! (it only took a monster lawsuit)


MORE: twitter: # craigslist: the ebay 16 million deal! valleywag had the right figure Jim Buckmaster finally talks -- 'cause he *has to* 4 minutes ago from web

and to think that Valleywag got the number right! 16 million...

"Buckmaster said eBay paid $16 million, which included the rights-of-first-refusal over any sale of Buckmaster's and Newmark's shares and veto rights over mergers and acquisitions."
(2nd part of 2nd paragraph from bottom)

Craig got a house probably worth in the millions that summer... aka "the shack"! *lol*


P.S. more recent post by Valleywag D.