Tuesday, January 23, 2007

truth is: staff is overwhelmed!

MORE: if you are lucky (it really depends on the topic you are interested in), here's a treasure trove of inside quotes from craigslist officials.

DLD, Monday, January 22, panel: Where are the editors?

Craig:"this is how we run our organization with very few people"
(20.09 minutes into the panel)

again ... the insiders tell a very different story: "staff is overwhelmed"! there should be a whole lot more on this for those who want to track it down... you'd have to search for different phrases (the fact that searching for "staff is overwhelmed" returns just one link makes me wonder, again, whether they are doing away with inconvenient info...) ... if you have the time and the interest just hang around in feedback/ help/ flag forums and you'll see for yourself...


P.S. a perk of listening to these (mostly boring) podcasts... once in a while something funny is said; e.g. (the presenter, 1:12 minutes into the panel, talking about the image of "life users digging the Digg stories": "looks like molecules banging around..." I'm sure he was quite unaware of what Americans might think of that statement -- the guy seems to be some sort of Western European)

even for Brits there can be plenty of unintended jokes resulting from a different way of using the same language; e.g. an American male friend once told me he couldn't keep a straight face when before retiring for the night at the end of a conference an attractive British woman asked him if he could... knock her up in the morning... (meaning knock on her door to wake her up).

and let's not forget the American country song that goes like this: "Dancing, shagging on the boulevard..." -- the Brits would think that would be a MOST unusual dance! D.

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