Tuesday, February 19, 2008

craigslist lawsuits: poor craigslist... WAY "off the ground" and making a killing...

it still needs ALL the protection it needed back when it started!(when it made people think it would never turn for profit...and got their time and resources, including speedy legal help); afterall it still has a tinny staff, doesn't it? no matter that it's making huge profits as a result (while providing as little customer service and improvements it can get away with), that NEEDS protection!


P.S. some of the arguments appear clueless when it comes to the realities of today's craigslist as well as fundamental things about what craigslist does (most notably not differentiating between FORUMS, where protection should certainly be granted and ADS, where craigslist is no different than a newspaper classifieds, it's just using today's technology which is certainly capable of adequate screening, when the will is there...) D.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

people are waking up!

great post by Dan Gillmor:

"If you are generous enough to do this kind of work for free, please consider doing instead it for a nonprofit site of some sort. Please don’t be giving away your time to mega-wealthy media barons." (last paragraph)

(he is not naming names but... we all know them...)


P.S. also a great comment on Seth's blog (5th comment):

Joe Beaudoin Jr.: "Frankly, I find that reprehensible. I can understand people donating their time to a non-profit organization like Wikipedia.... fine. But when people up at the top are rolling in the dough on unpaid labor?

Since Wikia is a for-profit organization, it stands to reason that their workers (contributors, admins, and the like) are all "off-the-clock", unpaid labor... Frankly, were it any other company, such acts would be illegal and the Department of Labor would be on them like vultures on a rotting carcass."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Craig's press and the gullible journalists: craigslist keeps growing???

MORE (explanation)

Craig: "what we see is long steady growth, which is our history" (about the middle of the interview)

looks like what's growing steadily is... Craig's NOSE!...as for craigslist? it's down to 10!(used to be 7); and that's in the US, it's merely 60 overall: in the past three month it's been down on all criteria: traffic rank by 12%, reach by 6%, pages viewed by user by 1%...


P.S. looks like craigslist is growing... into the ground...*lol*

Monday, February 4, 2008

benjamin from Seattle: thanks for leaving a comment!

unfortunately it wasn't pertinent to the entry and could have easily been spam…


P.S. feel free to try again if you'd like! D.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

as the PR wind blows...

Craig is *helping* this time??? re: EveryBlock, answer to first question (waterver happened with... people don't want that so we don't do it! -- standard craigslist response for these situations)