Wednesday, January 3, 2007

(more comments on) New York Times article


sorry about the delay (was away for the day)

Yeah, Valentin, that's the spiel (you've summed it up pretty well) -- I'm just not sure that's the truth... Doesn't seem to add-up...

Bee: Why I'm so bent on the truth... for one thing, if it came out that they have been making in the millions for years as it appears to be (money that went straight into Craig and Jim's pockets instead of paying for things like customer service and improvements, which would have happened would craigslist have *stayed* non-profit) something tells me that the vast majority of those... souls... (toiling away in the feedback forum)... would be kicking themselves! and would be right to do so...


Those are positive externalities, Eric (not the meat of the issue) -- look at craigslist' history & their claims, also look at the impact of those unverifiable (as long as they refuse to disclose their profits) claims on the way people continue to perceive craigslist (and the resultant growth rates) and let's not forget the poor souls toiling away in the feedback forum and such trying to help out... -- at a minimum, *they* are owed the truth! D.

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