Tuesday, January 16, 2007

another one of Craig's interviews goes missing...

MORE: looks like they found it! (these guys better start asking some real questions! or I'm going to have to stop listening to these podcasts ... they are getting excruciatingly boring... I have my limits...)

UPDATE: According to Trulia, the interview stopped suddenly because "some poor kid tripped on the power cord in the middle of recording..." (still, whatever was recorded is not available)

description (a search for Trulia on Technorati) :

"Craig Newmark talks to us live at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference in NYC about what’s up with Craigslist these days. Craig discusses why they started charging for rental ads in New York, how he fights spam listings and what his day-to-day is like as “Chief Customer Service Rep”.


P.S. I haven't said a word... (I swear...) D.

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