Friday, January 5, 2007

another dewy-eyed podcast


Rick's part 1 and Rick's part 2 (the promised comment on his reply)



Well... it may have just been too much to read (your main points make me think you didn't read the stuff). So I'm not sure I helped much (doesn't look like it) but ... you are welcome just that same!


P.S. there will be a comment to your reply on my blog for the benefit of others (and yours, of course, in case you choose to read it)

P.P.S. otherwise, good luck with everything... and take care! D.

MORE: seemed to have been a problem with the comments form (we'll see if it posts)


You are welcome! and they were actually well meant (sorry if they may have come across as too critical).

You mean you checked-out No, you wouldn't find anything negative there (that's not the reason I recommended it); sorry if it wasn't clear.

I was saying that they appear to have removed from their site (after I posted a comment) their "Craig on Craigslist podcast," in which Chris (something), community manager at LIME (if I remember right) interviewed Craig in the context of craigslist being a "good company."

I would consider that (removing the podcast from their site) as highly "negative," but I could be wrong, of course...


P.S. IF you are interested in what I mean by "the facts," feel free to checkout my craigslist criticism blog!'d start with the oldest post -- tells you what it's all about...among the latter ones, a good portion are part of an ongoing comment exchange on the online New York Times that you may find of interest (here is a representative one: 31893

otherwise, take care! D.


Hi Rick!

I suggest you take a good look at the facts… maybe get together with the people at LIME ( and figure out just how “well” craigslist is really doing and whether or not it is a “good company” (I’d ask for their “Craig on Craigslist” podcast that appears to no longer be available ( – you can find what was my comment to it on my craigslist criticism blog:

Good luck with everything and take care!


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