Monday, January 28, 2008

Good, Donna! Good! :)

once you tell us what you really think (the behind the scene insights), your stuff is great!


P.S. sorry I didn't see your follow up articles before posting the proir entry!

P.P.S. keep it up! appreciate it...:) D.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

ooh, Donna... (still eating up the BS)

MORE: and what's with the adulatory tone? after all this time... (embarassing, especially for somebody with a journalistic background) D.

again, she's getting some good info(such as the fact that Ebay had "no voice" in craigslist's decision to "sponsor" Berkeley; answer to first question) but she is barely mentioning real issues such as craigslist being the "incorporated for profit dot-org" that's "doing well" and even then you have to read between the lines... (just how "well" is craigslist doing and for how long and how do they keep "saving" all that dough that keeps ending up in their pockets? and what's the impact of all that on the community that built craigslist and continues to make it work?)


you can do MUCH better than that Donna! you might not be able to get Craig&Jim to talk to you if you told it like it is but at least you'd get peoples' respect... D.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

craigslist lobbying the academia: "sponsoring" Berkeley

Harvard shouldn't have allowed it!(second half of last paragraph); Berkeley shouldn't have allowed it!

"Our mission is to *critically analyze* and help shape developments in new media by facilitating research with unorthodox ideas, designs, artworks and experiments."
(second half of 4th paragraph; my emphasis)
--> except they are going to have to do it while mindlessly perpetuating the craigslist BS... and they are off to a "good start":

"Berkeley faculty and students appreciate craigslist's record of public service" " (middle of fifth paragraph)--> keep feeding that crap to your students and the rest of the world! (you should be ashamed of yourselves...)


P.S. Trench has a good point!

Monday, January 21, 2008

RG: thanks! (had trouble with your email)

sorry about the delay... feel free to post here if you'd like D.

Friday, January 11, 2008

(comic relief) right, Craig!

"hard to find something new" -- or rather something you can mention... (most of the craigslist press has gotten to be horrible: crime after crime after horrible crime... more and more hideous... day after day after day...)


P.S. thank God you can "report" on Rosario Dawson and being in the backstage at telenovela! that absolves you of all the responsibility... D.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

is Kijiji a real threat?

I doubt it...-- they would need something attention grabbing to get enough traction (and just being quiet on when and how they are going to monetize... is just not going to get them there).

Craig appears to have done a whole lot more than that: made people believe he was never going to monetize, kept the truth hidden for a long as he could AND managed to have most people believe he didn't monetize even when anybody who cared to look into it would have found out otherwise... (plenty of people just took his word or rather what appeared to be his word for it and acted accordingly); and the blunder still works to this day -- who would have guessed?


Google could be a serious competitor but ONLY if they were to treat it as a long term non-profit project (like Google Earth, for instance -- buys good-will without bringing direct profits). But would they ever do it that way? They would if they were smart -- there is just no way to catch-up otherwise... as far as I can see... D.