Sunday, May 6, 2007

oops... I goofed... (Wikipedia page on "craigslist")

MORE: I thought Craig suggested it because the reason for removal was COI (conflict of interest) and not that long ago a Wikipedian said things were removed and added without a proper rationale (that made me think of Craig's "suggestions" and editor EncMstr's actions)... but it appears that the website that has the interview is in a conflict of interest by attempting to have the link be included in the Wikipedia entry.... still... a good move for Wikipedia! (I would just be more impressed if they reconsidered how they handled Craig's attempts (with some success) to edit the Wikipedia pages on "craigslist" and "Craig Newmark") D.

well, although it's one of those groupieish isn't-Craig-just-perfect interview (in the sense that no real question is asked as thought there weren't any...), the Blau Exchange interview wasn't really Craig's suggestion... sorry!


P.S. it was all Jimmy's fault ;)... (the P. P.S. to that post) D.


Anonymous said...

Hi there -

I conducted the interview you speak of, and produce the content for Blau Exchange.

Yep, I agree that the interview lacked a lot of substance. A couple decent questions... Still, not one of my best interviews that's for sure. I worked with what I could... which was very limited time (20 minutes) to get questions to/from Craig. In any case I was appreciative of his time, which probably was overly reflected in the course of the questioning.

And as far as Wikipedia, I completely misunderstood the rules about COI.. I'm definitely a novice Wikipedian and learned something about community contributions.

- Paul

D. said...

Hi, Paul!

I'm just curious, what were the questions you thought were "decent"? (I'm assuming you mean that in the sense of being actual questions)


P.S. No need to feel too bad about it (it's pretty common among interviewers to just get Craig's story and be thankful for it). D.