Wednesday, May 16, 2007

craigslist gives away around 1% of revenue? ooh, my...

MORE: this means that how much craigslist contributs to the foundation (I'm assuming this is public info given that Ryan seems to have been able to get it) is good info to have...-- multiplying it by 100 should give a good idea of current revenues
how generous for an organization that was supposed to be a non-profit!

Jim:" We give away at least 1% of revenue"
(2nd page, 2nd question)

again... take a look at what Ryan said about it in his "craig$" article in the SFWeekly...

That "category" allows Newmark to keep the domain, a name that gives the false impression that the site is a nonprofit, by using ".org," an extension almost exclusively used by nonprofit companies and foundations. Craigslist's marketing materials call this "a symbol of our service mission and non-corporate culture.", which the company also owns, draws far less traffic.) It permits Newmark to use the word "non-commercial" twice on Craigslist's "Mission and History" page, and to bury the phrase "No charges, except for job postings" in the third line from the bottom. It means establishing a separate nonprofit, the Craigslist Foundation, which trains other nonprofits in marketing, technology, and fundraising skills, but makes no grants, has no endowment, and charges for many of its training events. This year, Craigslist will provide less than half of the foundation's $240,000 budget.
(forth page, fifth paragraph from bottom)


P.S. Jim appears to be talking about the craigslist foundation

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