Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Craig's Cult: craigslist BANS people for *discussing* its finances?

MORE: some of these people are so far gone it makes you wonder if ANYTHING could make them snap out of it... (for some it may just be too late...)

1cent: "You have no right to demand to see their books, the law does not require them to allow it. IMO, if they slap you for it they will have performed a public service [my emphasis]."

the scary part is that 1cent is not particularly dumb... (at least he didn't use to be... some of his suggestions for improvements, for instance, were not bad at all): craigslist seems to do weird things to peoples' heads... looks a lot like a cult to me...

much worse than I thought!

1 cent (long time craigslist feedback forum "volunteer"): "Staff has Isled and banned people before for this kind of irresponsible discussion about CL"


P.S. again, this was posted in feedback...

P.P.S. if they BAN people for discussing things, it appears they would have no problem just doing away with inconvenient info...

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