Monday, May 14, 2007

So... why aren't entrepreneur types denouncing Craig?

MORE: here's the paragraph I wanted you to see:

Jimmy, in the Orlando Sentinel, by way of

Like Craig, I built Wikia to serve communities, and if we take care of them, they will build it into something big and money will be made, and that is fine” (fifth paragraph from bottom)

... well, I wouldn't be so sure...:) that people would be willing to just pitch in and build somebody else's empire... and it's certainly presumptuous to speak for them and declare that they would be "fine" with your being the one collecting the money from the "something big" they built...

get away from Craig, Jimmy! he's a bad influence... you've got plenty of money as it is... if you MUST make more start a completely unrelated thing (and do it straight and honest) -- it's really not worth it to tarnish your Wikipedia legacy for some money you don't need... D.
They know what's going on -- they know it cannot be for real... that when you look at the fundamentals things just don't add up! My suspicion is that they figure ... why kill the golden goose if it may lay a golden egg on their lap also? “


P.S. I think we will see more and more Craig-like personas trying to cash in on the concept-- take a look at Gabe Rivera or even Jimmy Wales... (in the context of Wikia )

P.P.S. will there be some that will do it for real? I would hope so... the closest to this that I'm aware of is Jay Rosen (his long term financial plans for NewAssignment) D.

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