Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(inadequate customer service) Jim, you know damn well you don't need to make any MORE money...

re: Jim, answering to a question from the audience: " it's not necessary for us to look for ways to make more money in order to hire people..." (first question from the audience, fifth paragraph from the end of the interview)

no it ain't! -- you've got tens of millions in profits... remember? you should be ashamed of yourselves to spend as little as you can get away with on customer service, of all things -- the stuff you rave about ... remember? (and don't get me started on the goofy PR you seemed to have picked-up from Craig... you know what's going on Jim -- you are NOT brain dead!)


P.S. looks like people are waking up -- sadly, it's not the journalists but the people from the audience who ask real questions and unfortunately they are usually not allowed follow-up questions... still... looks like an improvement! D.

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