Monday, April 30, 2007

Wikipedia page on "craigslist": millions in revenues back in 2004 --> NOT a "speculation"...

MORE: more recently, same kind of people have estimated profits to be in the tens of millions...(like $50-$70 at one point) and it seems that they keep going up at impressive rates (the places and things they charge for are increasing while the costs appear to stay about the same, no significant customer service or technical upgrading -- a hefty cash cow!) Let me know if you have the link! thanks! D.

(Craig confirmed them)

Wikipedia page on "craigslist": "Although the company does not disclose financial information, journalists have speculated [my emphasis] that its annual revenue approached $10 million in 2004."(fifth paragraph)

San Antonio Express-News, by way of "Analysts have estimated that Craigslist, which has 18 employees, brings in $7 million to $10 million a year. Newmark says that's in the ballpark."(fifth paragraph)


P.S. If Craig would have been honest when he claimed he wanted to correct inaccuracies, he would have brought up this one also... But in any case, Wikipedia should have never allowed him to make "suggestions" in the first place... and Jimmy should have definitely stayed out of it...

P.P.S. aside for Jimmy: it would be nice if I could click on particular segments of a Wikipedia entry and a window with the information on who added that info and when would pop up (just a thought...) D.

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