Saturday, May 19, 2007

(inadequate customer service) nowhere enough customer service people...

follow-up for Don:

#1: "Craigslist does a pretty good job at customer service" --> I suggest you do some research before believing their PR...

#2: "You can never please everyone and resolve every issue no matter how many CS people you have."

so... because you can never do a perfect job at it, it's ok to just spend as little as you can get away with on customer service and pocket the "savings"? (it's ok to turn into a cash cow after asking people what you could charge for *to pay the bills*?)


P.S. craigslist is a very special case given its history and its claims (I don't think it can be compared with Napster or Google, in terms of what it owes the community that helped built it, develop it and spread it) D.

Hi Don!

Seems like there's no way to meet the customer service needs (given the volume) with the number of people craigslist has...(and 24 is the *total* number -- it's probably only about half of that for the "customer service team")

Any thoughts on that? Thanks!


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