Saturday, May 19, 2007

Donna falls into Craig's trap... *again*...

EVEN MORE: Oh... and poor Matt is also sold on the spiel! and not just temporarily... (he actually rushed to introduce himself to Craig! -- middle of second paragraph). This whole thing is going to be sooo funny when people finally wake up... :) D.

MORE: Sadly, Donna is not the only groupie-like journalist interviewing Craig -- take a look at NBC's Jamie, for instance -- it's hard to see how she could have come up with a more favorable report towards Craig/craigslist would he have paid her for it! : she does bring up some criticism but she simply states the issues that others have brought up and... moves on... well, even worse... as a counter to craigslist criticism she actually offers craiglist's claim that "the company says it is aggressive about criminal use and pornography" (3.54 minute mark) -- oh, really? they say that? now, isn't that nice? ... and objective! (sounds like Craig's own press... all over again...)

re: " Newmark reiterated the Craigslist contention that his namesake free classifieds site is not the cause of a decline in print classifieds revenues, given that Craigslist postings are generally “new” listings, not displacement listings.

In other words, Craigslist classifieds postings would not exist, anywhere, if Craigslist did not exist."

So what if plenty of craigslist ads would not exist elsewhere -- enough of them would! Again, Craig is not necessarily lying (notice he uses "generally"), just being vague and ambiguous as usual and his clueless admirer (who is a journalist, of all things) walks straight into his trap… again, not at all unusual…


P.S. although I’m beginning to think Craig could tell Donna the Earth is flat and she would dutifully report it…:)

P.P.S. BTW, Craig has previously acknowledged craigslist has "same effect on newspaper classifieds" -- it's hard to believe Donna was not aware of this... (4.09 minute mark) D.