Monday, May 7, 2007

Craig: "I don't understand what the problem is"... well, neither do *I*...

EVEN MORE: I figured I'd thank Staci for the laugh... (my comment)

MORE: but again, it's not everybody that's getting fooled -- not any more! Whoever you were, great question!:" you’re on track to make $55 million in revenues, you have 23 employees, what are you doing with all that money?" Craig's answer is just as hillarious as always: "We don’t know what to do with the money” (last paragraph)

*LOL*...I got an idea, Craig! just play dumb and... put it in your pocket...

"He deftly mentioned newspapers' high profit margins -- somewhere in the ballpark of 10% to 20% -- as proof there is plenty of money to feed investigative journalism and the newsroom."
(bottom half of 4th paragraph)

so... what about *craigslist's* profit margins? (they certainly appear to be much higher than those of the newspapers) ; isn't that *proof* there should be plenty of money... to hire an adequate number of customer service people and do improvements?


P.S. Can you imagine all those people listening to him and not noticing contradictions like this... for a decade! (and plenty of them are journalists who are supposed to be trained NOT to get fooled like this...) D.

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