Tuesday, March 13, 2007

a hefty cash cow...

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follow-up comment for Giovanni

well… just how well is craigslist serving the people who have helped built it, spread it and develop it? (keep in mind that craigslist started as a non-profit and after garnering huge support as such — donation, expertize, word of mouth — turned for profit ostensibly “to pay the bills” but what they really did is turn into a cash cow! they figured pocketing the money was more fun than using it to serve their community…)

it’s severely understaffed and underdeveloped and not for lack of available $$$ — they just prefer to pocket tens of millions in net profit… and somehow manage to get smart people (such as yourself) to justify their behavior…


P.S. are you *sure* you are not on their payroll?:)

re: "was reminded that craigslist does not own a community; rather, it serves the community"

Hi Giovanni!

how do you figure that? craigslist looks more and more like a ... hefty cash cow!


P.S. feel free to check-out my craigslist criticism blog for details D.

MORE: I'm trying an experiment: I'll post the same comment on a number of blogs... (and not just wish them well and leave...) we'll see what happens (hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the responses...)

Shel Israel (didn't seem to be home...)

Uwe Hook (posted a comment to this entry)

follow-up comment for JD:

#1 "I don't recall whether Craigslist was originally a nonprofit -- i didn't think they were."
well... after having wrote a craigslist criticism blog for a few month and having talked with quite a few enthusiasts, I'm no longer surprised that people who have great words of praise for craigslist are unfamiliar with pivotal events it its history (such as having turned for profit ostensibly "to pay the bills" and then pocketing tens of millions for years)

#2 "I'm sure they'll grow the staff as needed to serve their community" -- the need has been there for a very long time as well as the resources -- the *willingness* has been lacking! but if you are SURE... you are sure... (what can I say about that?)

#3 "I do know that they've been focused like a laser on serving the community since day 1, hence their very loyal following"

you may want to do some research before believing their PR...

#4 "In any event, it's certain that they're not out to maximize profits, otherwise Craig would have sold the site and bought his own island by now."

you seem to have a thing for "sure" and "certain" when things are far from it...

the long term plan (that they claim not to have) appears to maximize profits for the long run (just look at the pattern of starting to charge for jobs in new cities when the job market matures) -- this may result in much more money than what he could make by selling

also, Craig seems to be after other things than just money (power and influence would be lost if he sold)


P.S. thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! we seem to be so far apart on this subject that... I doubt I helped much... but at least I tried!:) take care! D.

Hi JD!

this quote sounds funny to me -- it seems to apply to craigslist just as much as it may apply to the newspapers... especially the "now they've been positioned as cash cows."


P.S. craigslist started as a non-profit serving the community that helped build it,spread it and develop it; then they turned for profit ostensibly "to pay the bills" and have become what appears to be a ... hefty cash cow! that gets fatter by the day...(craigslits estimated net profits have been in the tens of millions for years and constantly growing -- would they have stayed non-profit, this is the money that would have been used to *serve the community*, to hire an adequate number of customer service people and do badly needed improvements among other things). D.


Uwe Hook said...

interesting point of view. Craigslist is one of those beloved brands that can do no wrong. I will definitely continue to follow your blog and get another perspective.

D. said...

thanks, Uwe! I was *hoping* it wasn't all in vain...:) D.