Friday, December 29, 2006

Craig's own press...

almost nobody seems to do their own research when writing craigslist related articles... they seem to just adopt without question whatever craigslist (Craig/Jim) says... no wonder Craig keeps saying that he doesn't believe his own press; a BBC interviewer told him that it *wasn't* his own press (unless he's orchestrated it all...) -- may not be far from the truth at all... if you can get people to just print what you say without questioning it... isn't that your own press?

anyways... here's my comment (the site moderates comments, I don't see any good reason for them not to post it but...just in case)

Hi, Joe! As to pretty much anybody else writing craigslist related articles, I suggest you check the facts...

e.g. “So I do think that's an advantage to be able to respond first and foremost to user wants and needs.”
(one of Jim's statements you quoted)

in order to respond to user *needs* (let's not even worry about their wants for now), you need enough people employed in customers service; craigslist is severely understaffed in this respect and appears to have no intention to hire the number of people that would be needed.


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