Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Craig's philantropy (don't hold your breath...)

MORE: but it doens't work with everybody... so there is hope!

re: Steven Pearcy:"Craig's e-mails had been 'vague, ambiguous, unhelpful, meaningless and non-responsive." (12 paragraphs up from the bottom of Mark Drollette's article)

that sums it up pretty well... and do take a look at Steven's story if you have the time (gives good insights into how Craig deals with real problems and what is his, as well as Jim's, atitude towards actually helping craigslist users that could definitely use help...) D.

Michael: "To Craig Newmark: Put ads on craigslist, change the world"


Aside from minor donations (given his estimated profits) for pet projects, there is no evidence that Craig has any “philanthropic interests” that don’t fit into his long term business plan (bottom part of that post)...


P.S. Michael appears not to know, but it is extremely easy to get vague, ambiguous answers from Craig (I'm surprised it works, but it seems to be his most efficient PR tactic... -- people are so impressed he actually answered that they forget there was no value to his answer -- Michael doesn't know anything more about the issue after he got Craig's response than he knew before... but for most people it seems to make little difference! Craig answered! ergo, Craig is a good guy! end of questions...) D.

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