Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wikipedia page on "craigslist": the truth be damned, Jimmy helps Craig...

EVEN MORE: and you don't even have prostitution listed (not even on that long laundry list of yours): just "obscene material," which may suggest pornography (although you only list "child pornography"[my emphasis]) but not necessarily prostitution...

MORE: 05/04/07: Craig (or whoever else did this) please stop screwing with the links! yes, you do have prostitution listed as prohibited on the big laundry list of things most people never read... (there's nothing "prominent" about it... just a whole lot of stuff thrown in together to protect your behinds or so it seems...).

Changing the link I gave from the actual page for "pets" where you do have the "no animal sales or breading please" (as opposed to nothing of the kind for prostitution on the "erotic services" pages) to your laundry list of forbidden things was MORE than disingenuous -- it was cowardly!(at least have the decency to come out and say whatever it is that you want to say and don't just switch the links to fit your interests) D.


re: "KSTP notes that while Craigslist does prominently encourage users to flag animal sales to discourage [[Backyard breederbackyard breeding]], it does not prominently encourage users to flag prostitution advertistements from adults"

Jimmy: "Prostitution crackdown - - rm unsourced claim"

How was this “unsourced”, Jimmy? The source given was a TV station program on craigslist on a given date (February, 27). As to what they are saying... it definitely has factual support! just check out the pages for pets (where attempts to sell animals -- pets -- are probable) and erotic services (as it is commonly known, the vast majority of those ads are offers for prostitution).

There is the “no animal sales or breading please" [the link I had here was to the "pets" page, it was changed to the general long list of forbidden items by... you guess who...] for pets and… nothing of the kind for prostitution…


P.S. I would have thought more of you if you would have helped the truth (instead of helping Craig…) D.

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