Tuesday, April 17, 2007

not bad, Andrew!

EVEN MORE: and no, that's no excuse for not taking responsibility for the bad things that come out of craigslist, and if you look at the facts, there are plenty of horrible things! You certainly wouldn't know that if you just listened to Craig... (I think this was Andrew's main point)

MORE: a lot of what Craig is saying can be easily understood (although not agreed with) if you think of him as a "one man PR machine" -- pretty much everything he says seems to help craigslist's interests (e.g. the vast majority of people are trustworthy; overall, the internet is safe etc. -- he may not be lying exactly, just "putting the best light on things" considering craigslist's interests... and "not mentioning" things that would go against them; that's why I think his most relevant function is "goofy PR rep" ...

a bunch of good points! D.

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