Monday, April 16, 2007

ownership of craigslist

EVEN MORE: yes, my math was slightly off... in the interest of clarity (consistent with the statement that his ownership went under 50%, Craig could have held just 50% before he made Jim CEO -- not 51%, as I said -- so any fraction above 25% would mean he would technically own more than Jim (and similarly more than ebay)... I just don't think it went nearly that low, but it could have had... I mean according to what I remember Craig to have said...

MORE: extra hint: look for one of Craig's public statements to the effect that Craig's ownership of craigslist went under 50% only when he made Jim CEO (so... worst case scenario, he owned ONLY 51% of craigslist prior to making Jim the CEO; it's very hard to believe he would give Jim MORE shares he would end up I said, I don't think he's dumb, definitely not that dumb...ergo, Craig owned at least 26% of craigslist right after he made Jim CEO);

of course, things could have changed SINCE...both in terms of offering shares (to other employees, maybe Eric? the CTO) or buying back shares -- this is how he could now possibly own 75% ... quite unlikely, though...and I'm not aware of any evidence that he has in fact bought back any shares

still I think it's safe to say he owns MORE shares than ebay (25%) and 26% is the minimum that would do that... again, I'm assuming he is reasonably smart (fair assumption, as far as I'm concerned)

again, that's the minimum, he likely owns MORE than that.... but either way his estimated NET profits have been in the millions for years... why is he hiding this from people? well, there seem to be a long list of reasons... none of them "wholesome"... (brought up a bunch of them on this blog)

... I know I'm behind... (was going to have some info on this sooner)

sorry, sorry... (I still don't have internet at home, hopefully tomorrow)

Well, here's the big hint: i think it's safe to say that Craig owns anywhere between 26% and 75% of craigslist

P.S. do some research..please?:) D

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