Wednesday, April 25, 2007

if it sounds like a fairy tale is... 'cause it *is*!

Ken looks like a little lamb with the right smile in the right place at the right time... to take Craig's dictation! Craig tried to feed this crap to Wikipedia but failed... So... he found someone like Ken who would just take his word for it... (or Ken found him, appearently he had no clue what he stumbled into: "Craig e-mailed me back almost immediately even though he's been traveling all week and said, "I can do that."-- about half way down the page)

But ... thank god, he is not fooling everyone! Not any more... Look at Jonathan, for instance -- his question suggests he sees right through Craig's bullshit... and if you've read this blog you probably know the answer to Jonathan's question (and I suspect he knows also...): Craig turned FOR PROFIT! that's what happened between the two events Jonathan talks about and that's why craigslist is what it is today: a hefty cash cow!

As to: "Craig said at the time, 'Some things should be about money [my emphasis], some shouldn't..." (third paragraph under the "And Craig's List grew" heading) ... yeah, right! (Craig never said he wanted to make money -- on the contrary! ; not even when he turned for profit -- he just asked the community what he could charge for to pay the bills! and instead refused to disclose his profits and got rich himself by pocketing estimated tens of millions in net profit -- money that should have been used on customer service and improvements...).

And now he's trying to rewrite history... and plenty of people still believe him -- how is this possible?


P.S. poor clueless Ken (Craig's new "friend") just doesn't see it -- he just keeps smiling away... D.

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