Wednesday, April 18, 2007

craigslist ownership: who sold to ebay?


not as clear as it may seem: Craig said it was a former employee... which one? some guessed Phillip Knowlton (who was craigslist's PR person for a while); Craig hasn't confirmed the name as far as I'm aware and some posters on the "ebay and craigslist" forum suggested Craig couldn't be trusted -- just looked at his public statements and pointed out problems with them and reasons to doubt his story -- there may be some truth to that (to get to the specific discussion forum, check out Craig's blog around the date ebay bought the shares -- there should be a link to the special forum)

If an former employee sold, I think it could have been Nancy Melone (she was definitely no fan of Craig's by that time...). Some people were suggesting Craig forced her out. Although Nancy was listed as CEO on the craigslist page, Craig has claimed she was NOT a CEO but just an employee... Well, why on earth would Craig have allowed that title to go on the craigslist page, then? I tend to believe Nancy...


P.S. I have a whirl of things going on at the moment and very little time to spend on this -- let me know if you find the things I referred to! (the link to the special forum, the thread on it pointing out problems with Craig's public statements on the issue, the article that suggests Craig forced Nancy out, the article that identifies the employee who sold as Phillip Knowlton; the article where Craig is quoted -- I believe -- to have said that Nancy was not craigslist's CEO; the archived page of craigslist where Nancy is listed as CEO -- that link should already be on this blog; archived craigslist page that shows Phillip Knowlton as PR rep or something like that). thanks! D.

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