Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Craig changes his story... (and just *how* he does it...)

MORE: and yes, you'd be surprised (or not...) that interview after interview after boring interview... the issues are still there... intact! every single issue I brought up on this blog! (Craig is either not asked anything -- we just get his story... over and over and over... or if there is the least relevant question, his non-answers are accepted without a word and the pointless interview keeps moving along... what's the point? feels like the movie Groundhog Day... might just as well tell people to listen to a previous interview and be done with it...) D.

By now Craig is far far away from what he originally told people: he asked the community what they could charge for to pay the bills! (just search for his prior statements on the issue, the earlier the better; I’d search before the Lime interview -- that seems to have been the tipping point).

What’s most telling is *how* he does it: in incremental little steps (little by little until he gets to the opposite of what he initially said). Reminds me of Steven Glass and his “method” (start with telling the truth, then say something that is almost true, then something that could be true until you get to the complete whopper! What’s remarkable about this “method” is that people who have believed you through the earlier stages are very likely to be with you at the end…)

re: “What’s the right way to raise some revenue, say to pay the bills or whatever…” [my emphasis] (7:32 min mark)


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