Wednesday, March 5, 2008

thanks Google! (well... it's not really gone...)

EVEN MORE: they guy is actually running one of those "ad sites" people get suckered into while claiming to be "his blog" (has that in the url -- pretty sick) ; if you know how to make him stop... I'd appreciate it! thanks! :) D.

MORE: unfortunately, it's back, first name was Stephen (not John) -- please ignore his site, I really don't like what he's doing...(although it was a bit flattering, it's pretty pathetic when you think about it)-- again, I thought "the omniscent Google" just picked up on it somehow... D.

I was both flattered and annoyed: a "craigslist alternative" by a guy named John something somehow managed to show up in the Google blog search as "craigslist criticism" -- as the second hit, after my blog, when searching for "craigslist criticism" (I didn't know if he was violating something or it was just one of the loopholes): it's gone now...


P.S. I am not associated with and I do not endorse any "craigslist alternatives" (I've been keeping some otherwise welcomed comments off this blog because it looked like they were attempting to promote specific "craigslist alternatives") D.

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