Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the never ending fairy tale

MORE: Jim sounds sedated in this interview -- download link at the end of second paragraph -- (I wonder if he was...) -- and was it an interview? sounds like a monologue... on and on he goes... (mindlessly repeating the craigslist BS ad nauseam... or so it sounds to me) : we are doing a marvelous job with the impossibly tinny stuff... it really makes no difference to us that the minuscule staff couldn't possibly meet the needs of the community... we just keep repeating that it does! so... they can go ahead and print it already! -- that's all that counts, doesn't it? D.

Hi, Rory! (the guy apparently declined to post my comment, I did receive a confirmation that it got submitted; as of Friday morning all 7 comments he accepted are positive ones -- my my, I used to think highly of BBC journalism -- ; again, no big deal, he had to read it to decline to post it so he's got the message...)

re: "Craigslist is one of the few survivors of the early idealistic days of the web."

well, I wouldn't be so sure...

If it's *ever* been truly idealistic -- and that's a question in itself -- it certainly looks like it's been moving in the opposite direction: just look at things like the rate of profit increases (profits that are not spent on serving the community like they were supposed to be) and loss of transparency.


P.S. take care!

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