Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mark Pesce answers

STILL MORE: looks like I'm not the only one who got his last name wrong... D.

EVEN MORE: why I spelled it wrong the first time around? I remember checking to see if it was Mark with a "k" (and not Marc with a "c") and I suppose by the time I got to the last name my mind was already set on "k," not "c" so Pesce go to be Peske... D.

MORE: how is Mark Pesce's last name supposed to be pronunced? (2: 50 time mark); I would guess it's Italian at origin (meaning fish) ... then again, I'm a fine one to talk:) given that I initially spelled it wrong... D.
(here: 1st comment)

Hi, Mark!

Welcome to my blog! I certainly hope I didn't offend you in any way... Just so you know what this is, it is mostly a record of my thoghts on the topic (stream of consciousness style).

Regarding your last name: sorry I got it wrong the first time around, I did correct it as soon as I realized and well before I saw your comment on March 9th, 7:30ish A.M. (also before you submitted your comment at 12:23 AM, March 9, 2008 ; I was away for most of yesterday)

1. real estate costing money and why

As far as I can see (again, these are just my thoughts on the topic), your statments on charging for real estate not only contradict each other but are so far appart that you appear to make one claim at one point and the opposite many paragraphs down without any attempt of reconciliation.

I also see no explanation for the reason you give -- the why -- (you appear to simply repeat what craigslist says and present it as the truth --> the comment I left for Liz may be helpful here)

2. Alexa ranking at the time when you wrote it and the importance of telling the reader what had been prior to that (that it went down to 10th, it had been 7th at its best)

I thought it was great that you used Alexa as your source and your figure was correct! (I was very pleased with that --> that's what initially got me to write about your article and what prompted the title of the entry: "Mark Pesce got it right!")

However, I believe that giving the rank just at the particular time is not putting things in perspective for the reader and does not give an idea of how craigslist has been changing and I believe that we cannot understand what is going on with craigslist without knowing how it's been changing.

I hope you find my comments helpful and sorry if posting my raw thoughts gave the impression I was "going off."

I do wish you all the best! Take care!


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