Wednesday, March 5, 2008

forget all you've heard about craigslist

MORE: this didn't get posted (as of the morning of March 9th) but I'm also not sure that I submitted it correctly (it was a bit confusing, I thought I did submit it... but there was no message confirming... ) D.

Hi Glyn,

re: "I have been a technology journalist and consultant for a quarter of a century, covering the Internet since March 1994, and the free software world since 1995."

Great! I suggest you forget all you've heard about craigslist, step back and take a critical look at it. Since you liked that article so much, I'd start with things like this:

Mark Pesce: “Although it is still privately owned, and profits are kept secret, it’s estimated that Craigslist earns as much as USD $150 million from its job listings – while, with a staff of just 24 people, it costs perhaps a few million a year to keep the whole thing up and running.”

Good luck!


P.S. take care! D.

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