Friday, March 7, 2008

Ebay overtakes craigslist? no so fast...

EVEN MORE: looks like they are hiding the numbers of ads everywhere now... -- this is a good example of why you need to know how craigslist is changing to understand what is going on; they were completely transparent in this respect earlier on -- you could see these numbers in all cities and all categories... by's the opposite!).

MORE: I think the best way to judge who's ahead is to compare the number of paying ads --> looks like Craig (of Jim or whoever it was) figured this out early on because the number of ads in a place are hidden once they start charging --> doesn't mean you can't find it out -- it's just more work...) D.

they may well have the traffic, but they haven't made the transition to asking for the money -- THAT'S the tricky part... craigslist has successfully done that in 2 categories and keeps adding cities to the pay list (for jobs, as of now...)


P.S. also, comparing ebay-properties traffic and craigslist traffic (at this point, when they are not asking for money), may not say much -- I suspect a good part of their traffic in the US is just duplicate ads that are also on craigslist...(abroad may be less the case) D.

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