Friday, March 28, 2008

classic craigslist empty bragging: "Multiple language support on craigslist"

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As far as I can tell you are not a dummy, so why take such a superficial look at the issue? (I’m assuming you are not withholding from your readers things you are aware of).


...yeah, right! if you want to actually do anything on the site, you have to understand English! if you click on any categories on the Quebec site, for instance, the French evaporates once you click on "annonce," equivalent to "post" in English (even the "aide", meaning "help" in French is in...English!)


P.S. Don't tell Craig that merely translating the interface into different languages does NOT mean they have "multiple language support" (he might through a fit...) -- it merely means they finally did some basic translation... and they didn't even do it all... : they only translated the front page and the general help, FAQ pages... (classic craigslist empty bragging) D.

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