Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mark Pesce got it right!

EVEN MORE: how can he not know that craigslist has been charging for real estate in NYC for years?

re:(5th paragraph, 2nd sentence): "The only thing Newmark ever charged for was job listings..."

he also appears to have no understanding of how craigslist changed (it's like he has a few snapshots in his mind and is just roughly connecting the dots --> if this is what's going on I'm not surprised he gets such a distorted view... he really needs to have the image in motion to understand what's going on)

MORE (10th paragraph): "It’s estimated that upwards of one billion dollars a year in advertising revenue is being lost to the newspapers because of Craigslist. This money isn’t flowing into Craig Newmark’s pocket – or rather, only a small amount of it is." [my emphasis]---> right!... it's been tinny and getting tinnier by the day...*lol*

I don't know what's wrong with these people... they certainly seem smart enough, otherwise... (it's just that when it comes to craigslist a bizarre malaise seems to hit them and they can't put two and two together...)

he said it himself:" Although it is still privately owned, and profits are kept secret, it’s estimated that Craigslist earns as much as USD $150 million from its job listings – while, with a staff of just 24 people, it costs perhaps a few million a year to keep the whole thing up and running."(second half of 8th paragraph)

re (8th paragraph, 2nd sentance):

Mark Pesce on craigslist: "It is now the 65th busiest website in the world, the 10th busiest in the United States"

still, he doesn't seem to realize that craigslist has been going down to 10th from 7th


P.S. I would have left him a note but he's making it a hassle to do it..."you must be logged in to comment" --> alright then, no hint for you:)... D.


mpesce said...

First off, *read* before you go off.

1) I do note that NYC real estate listings cost money. And why they cost money.

2) According to Alexa on **the morning** I wrote this talk (last Monday), it was rated 10th. Not 7th.

And it's Pesce, not Peske. Which means you really do need to work on your fact-checking.

D. said...

Hi Mark! thanks for commenting; I answered your comment in a stand alone entry: