Friday, March 7, 2008

Craig's ruthless damage control: she's probably just a kid...

alright... I've had enough of this non-sense: If you want to get a good idea of how he drops in attempting to "fix it" when people are not quite saying what he would like them to say just search for his comments D.

EVEN MORE: he's drawing the words out of their mouth when they don't sing their praises clearly?

MORE: well... looks like he gets what he deserves (at least on occasion...)

re (2nd comment; Craig's was first -- notice all the PRish talk: "the site is almost completely free"... so on and so forth...)

zoomplanet: "Craig on the other hand at a LOW ESTIMATE is making roughly (5million/year on manhattan proper craigslist apartment ads ALONE!! -- AND THAT IS AT THE CHEAPER BARGAIN PRICE!-(how do I come up with the $5mill number. well as of 11:59pm Nov 1, I counted 25 pages (with 100 NYC ads per page) advertising in different areas of the city (west village soho, chelsea, upper west ...etc.... -that calculated per year, knowing that it cost $10 PER AD to post on craigslist, ( though $6 if you buy in bulk) ( THIS IS NOT THE NY TIMESor NY post) just an online search engine......) --that gives Craig a nice cushion to start his year off with more than $5million JUST ON NYC rentals advertising ALONE.....---and is managing to destroy many an honest broker and or sales agent in the process. Yes there are other places to post for free, though they have been tested, and unfortunately no one reads them, so brokers and sales agents have no choice but to post on the monopoly of craigslist and ultimately lead to high fees for the clients due to absurd prices to post craigslist ads, that quickly become obsolete as the competitor post their ads. So all of you who are seaching for apartments in NY. They exist, though it is too costly on craigslist to advertise them all now. Thanks craig. enjoy the easy 5 mill. you are pocketing every day. at the expense of many a newyorker. :)

I hope it makes you happy."

(yet Craig is out there doing damage control)

Hi, Liz! you are way ahead of the pack:)

re:”The interview has one very credible source on the subject of Craigslist, but at the same time is questionable because that person has a personal stake in the company, and is likely to be biased. His statements also aren’t checked or backed up with sources.”

take care! D.

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