Thursday, March 22, 2007

sounds like false modesty but it's true...

EVEN MORE: if you don't have the time to track down these things yourself, here' s a good example: the French woman is plainly asking him how to add a new section to craigslist ("So we contact you saying I would like to add a section or...?", 6:48 min mark) and what does he answer?("They just do what they need and usually don't contact us... which is ok..." 6.52 min mark)

His answer makes absolutely no sense -- there is no way a new section could be just added to craigslist without asking them to add it... well, short of hacking! he completely missed a very clear question... ended-up answering who knows what... -- I have no idea what could have possibly confused him (you'll see plenty of this if you listen to interviews where people ask him questions he may not have expected -- he seems to have difficulty adjusting to new information). D.

MORE: it's also pretty funny to see how often he gets ignored when he posts comments on the web... it's not exactly a surprise -- his comments are usually just empty non-sense (either damage control or just... silly nothings...) D.

Craig: "I'm just part of a customer service team, all much better than me" (1st comment)

you know... it's really true! (it's gotta be!) just check-out a good number of his responses to people... (either on craigslist or on the web: often times he comes across so confused it makes you think he must be tripping... for real!) anybody else would probably get fired for that...


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