Sunday, March 18, 2007

is Craig *gambling*? but of course...

MORE: also, something else could collapse Craig's house of cards: if people woke up! and stopped believing his goofy PR... but... Good god! that would mean acknowledging they'be been had -- big time! and not just a couple of people but pretty much everybody! that's not an easy thing to do, by any means... But if the real thing came around, there would be no hiding from reality... D.

Hi Gomerrr!

He seems to be milking craigslist for as much as he CAN *at the moment* while keeping his eyes firm on the *long term* profits ... (plenty of things that could bring more profits now would be a bad idea in the long run).


P.S. Is he GAMBLING? of course (if you ask *me*...): the thing can collapse in his face, anytime...-- all it would take is for the real thing to come around and Craig would be exposed as a fraud... (again, *my* opinion): imagine someone actually *doing* what Craig is only preaching... (imagine the tens of millions in net profit being spent on customer service and improvements instead of finding their way into Craig's, Jim's and other shareholders' pockets -- given the tunes they have been singing, they should have never turned for profit! there was no rhyme or reason for it... makes me think they never meant a word they were saying... it was just "creative capitalism," -- better known as bullshit -- as a poster said in the forums – damn, can't find the quote, again...) D.

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