Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"craigslist charges...(...)... but just to pay expenses"

last comment for Jordan:

"you are welcome, Jordan!

I think it's great that you are doing some research... (this in itself makes it worthwhile that I talked to you) -- I would just recommend that you focus on the fundamentals (things like history of craigslist and their past and current claims) and on *the facts* (such as how does the customer service look like on the ground -- as opposed to what craigslist or the media say; how much does Craig *profit* from craigslist -- as opposed to how big his salary may be, which is just a red herring...).

otherwise, there is a whole lot of speculation about craigslist that I believe misses the important issues and confuses others... but that's for *you* to decide!:)

ok! nice talking to you! take care! D.

follow up comment for Jordan:

#1 "There are many expenses server update, executive pay, employee payments constant upgrades."

as I said... their NET profits are estimated to have been in the tens of millions for years (that's *after* all those expenses you list are deducted)

#2 "Executives and other profits, whether that be for future costs or the people should be expected."

would they have been *upfront* about wanting to make money, the question of profits would have been moot (they would have been entitled to whatever they could legally make), but this is not the story of craigslist...

they asked for and accepted peoples' donations, expertise, word of mouth for a very long time making people believe it was NOT going to turn for profit, then ... they did just that! (turned for profit) ostensibly "to pay the bills" but what they really did is...pocketed tens of millions for years... (those are NET profits that went straight into the pockets of Craig, Jim and the other shareholders)

#3 "Craigslist is as good as it was when it was first created, if not better"
given the profits it should have been much much better by now! (it has been severely understaffed and underdeveloped for no good reason -- certainly not lack of finances -- for a very long time... and they appear to have no intention to hire an adequate number of customer service people or do significant improvements)


P.S. I don't see the comparison with google, youtube or MySpace as relevant (craigslist has made and is still making very different claims...) D.

Oh... and your main claim (what got me to post my initial comment) was that "craigslist charges money...(...)...but just to pay for expenses" (your reply appears to state otherwise) D.

re: “Craigslist charges money for job listings, but only in seven of the cities it serves ($75 in San Francisco; $25 in the others). And it charges for apartment listings in New York ($10 a pop). But that is just to pay expenses [my emphasis].”

Hi Jordan/Andrea3

You agree with that? How do you figure that? (just curious…)


P.S. Craigslist’s estimated net profits (after all those expenses are paid) are in the tens of millions.

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