Friday, February 9, 2007

changes to Wikipedia page on"craigslist"

Craig: "If it's expeditious, I can get help from Jimmy"(under "article errors") ... so Wikipedia is a great thing when it comes to others... (Craig has been prasing it for a very long time) but when it comes to himself and craigslist... it's just not expeditious enough!

Jimmy should just step in and do the changes he wants done! if he says so... it MUST be so! (like when he said users haven't asked for a reputation system, for instance... what's not clear about that?) -- he is the unquestionable authority on craigslist, isn't he? well... it works with the vast majority of media! why should Wikipedia be any different? refering to this, ostensibly as a joke, Craig was complaining that (for Wikipedia) he is not authoritative enough on himself...(this morning at the WeMedia conference)


P.S. BTW, to my pleasant surprise, my blog is part of the Wikipedia page on “Craig Newmark”! (under "external links") by way of my comment to his NYU speech – I hope it stays that way… I do think my blog gives good information people should be aware of … (although I think it's more relevant to “craigslist” than to “Craig Newmark”… oh well… I’m not that picky… thanks to… let’s see... who was it? there! ; also thanks to for adding the "craig$" article, which was my inspiration for people$list) D.

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