Saturday, February 3, 2007

"This guy is rich"

EVEN MORE re: "the world needs more free things to keep spinning!"

Ha, ha... this guy will be in for a big surprise! (when his local market matures and Craig will charge as much as he can get away with -- it's just not ripe for the picking right now...) D.

MORE: again... notice how Craig "drops in" to do damage control (statements like "this guy is rich" or "[all that prostitution on craigslist] should make Craig Newmark feel so proud" damage his image... but he can't afford to address the issues straight on (he would lose!)... so what does he do? he just insinuates that's not the case ("am I rich?" -- as though he doesn't own a big chunk of craigslist and has profited from it for years; "giving someone a break who really needs it" -- as thought the huge number of women who end up becoming craigslist prostitutes really need the kind of "break" he is providing) and takes off before people realize what he's done... it's a cheap trick and it can't work forever... (people are going to figure him out, eventually...) D.

UPDATE: Good God! looks like I found another Chris Abraham... (a word from Craig -- *any* word at all -- turns them into groupies! and this one doesn't even have the I-just-want-to-sell-my-wares excuse; oh, well... they'll wake up eventually, unless they are brain washed beyond repair...)

re: "As for rich or not, I don’t know, and it’s none of our business :) - I guess we threw the phrase around without too much thought…"


P.S. Oh and... of course he didn't post my reply... (pussy...)

Hi! (to whoever wrote this -- who was it, BTW? hard to tell...)

re: "This guy is rich"

yep! I think so too! (as a result of profiting from craigslist for years...) yet he continues to insinuate he's just a regular Joe...


P.S. people are going to wake up eventually, see right through his goofy PR and see him for what he really is... D.

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