Monday, February 5, 2007

perhaps it's just spin?


Well... let's assume he actually meant it... so the newspapers are fat cats that need to go on a diet -- we are just doing them a favor by stealing their food! (or something like that...:). Sounds pretty unfounded to me... that what the newspapers need at a time when they face serious problems (which need plenty of money to be fixed) is... less money!


P.S. I'd have to track it down but I remember that at some point in the past Craig said that newspapers may need financial support from the government (I agree...); if that's the case it's hard to see how Jim's statements could be anything *but* silly PR... D.

Hi Jean Ives!

re: "Perhaps he is looking at a broader conception of “newspaper journalism” as a duty and ideal, and comparing it to the corporate face forced upon some big newspaper chains today?" (Jim: "Anything that's taking money from newspaper chains in the long run may very well be the most healthy thing that can happen, as far as newspaper journalism is concerned")

perhaps you are reading too much into it.... perhaps it's just spin? (sound like easy PR to me: craigslist is NOT hurting newspaper journalism -- in *fact*, we are helping them out!)


P.S. notice that he is not talking FACTS *at all*, just speculation... D.

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